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Why Businesses Choose 
JKL Funding
Again and Again
for their 
Invoice Factoring

circle03_skyblue.gif Same Day Funding

circle03_skyblue.gif Advance Rates that Exceed
   Industry Norms by 20%

   JKL Funding offers cash advance rates up to 97%
   The typical maximum in the invoice factoring    industry is 80%.
   We can offer you higher advances because
   of our unique financing capabilities 

circle03_skyblue.gif Flexible Contracts-
JKL Funding provides you with contracts
   that meet your cash flow needs,not ours.

   Unlike the others, we do not make 
   you sign long-term contracts and we don't
   charge you fees when you are inactive.

circle03_skyblue.gif Invoice Processing
   Not only can we offer you the most 
   advanced technolgy but we also maintain 
   the old-fashioned systems because
   every client has different needs.

   Unlike the Others, our objective here 
   is not to force you to conform to us, 
   but to get you the cash you need 
   in the quickest and most
   efficient manner.

circle03_skyblue.gif Credit Management Services at No Extra Cost
   We provide credit analysis on both
   new and existing accounts. 
   We actually pull credit reports 
   from various reporting services that 
   we contract with and report back 
   to you as to whether or not 
   they are creditworthy

circle03_skyblue.gif Experienced Account Managers
We are seasoned professionals with 
   an average of 11years industry experience per   account executive.   
   (Well above the invoice factoring industry
   norm of 2 years)

circle03_skyblue.gif Personalized Service
   You have one dedicated person and his 
   or her assistant who handle your account. 
   Unlike the others, with us you don't 
   have to start over each time you call 
   with a new person

circle03_skyblue.gif Please contact us today 
   and our seasoned invoice factoring
   specialists will help you 
   get the cash you need TODAY


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Exactly how to Enhance Cash Flow Without Taking Out a Loan

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Cash flow is one of the main reasons businesses fail. At one time or another, every business, even successful ones, have experienced inadequate money flow. Money flow does not have to be a problem any ever more. Do not be deceived-- banks are not the only places you can get funding. Other solutions are available and you do not have to borrow.



One option is called FACTORING.  Receivable Loan Financing is the process of selling invoices to a financier as opposed to waiting to collect the money from the customer.


Oh, the Irony ...

 Account Receivable Financing has a paradoxical distinction: It is the monetary backbone of numerous of America's most successful companies. Why is this ironic? Due to the fact that  Receivable Loan Financing is not instructed in business colleges, is rarely mentioned in company plans and is fairly unidentified to the bulk of American business people. Yet it is a financial process that maximizes billions of dollars every year, allowing thousands of businesses to grow and prosper.


 Account Receivable Financing has been around for hundreds of years. Invoice Factoring Companies are investors who pay cash for the right to receive the future payments on your invoices.

An overdue receivable or invoice has value. It is a financial obligation your customer has agreed pay in the near future.


Factoring Principals--

Although factoring offers exclusively with business-to-business transactions, a large percentage of the retail company utilizes a factoring principal. MasterCard, Visa, and American Express all make use of a type of factoring in their retail transactions. Utilizing the purest meaning of the word, these huge customer finance companies are really simply huge FACTORING Businesses of consumer paper.


Consider it: You purchase at Sears and charge it to your MasterCard. The store makes money almost immediately, despite the fact that you do not make payment until you are all set. For this service, the credit card business charges Sears a charge (common fees vary from 2 to four percent of the sale).


The Perks

 Receivable Loan Financing can provide numerous advantages to cash-hungry companies. Rather than wait  30, 60, 90 days or longer for payment on a product that has actually already been provided, a company can factor (sell) its receivables for money at a small discount off the dooar value of the invoice.


Payroll, marketing efforts, and working capital are just a few of the business needs that can be satisfied withinstantaneous cash. Account Receivable Financing supplies the means for a manufacturer to renew inventory and make more items to offer: There is no longer a need to wait for earlier sales to be paid.  Receivable Loan Financing is not simply a cash management tool for producers: Almost any kind company can benefit from Invoice Factoring.



Usually, a business that extends credit will have 10 to 20 percent of its annual sales tied up in accounts receivable at any given time. Think for a minute about exactly how much is bound in 60 days' worth of invoices: You can not pay the power expense or this week's payroll with a consumer's invoice, but you can sell that invoice for the cash to fulfill those responsibilities.


 Receivable Loan Financing is a quick and simple process. The factor gets the invoice at a discount rate, generally a couple of portion points less than the stated value of the invoice


Factoring Invoices: An Excellent Financing 
Choice for Small  Companies.


Medium-Size businesses, especially those who have not been  around for very long, will  typically  discover it difficult to  protect a loan. Banks are  typically hesitant to lend  cash to  companies that don't have a lot of income and  properties. They also want  evidence of the  practicality of a business and  therefore require that most operations,  specifically  little ones,  been around for a certain amount of time  prior to they are  prepared to  turn over any money.  Due to the fact that of this, a medium-size business|   frequently has few cash  producing  choices when  requires  develop. One  alternative  offered,  however often  neglected, is invoice factoring. This is an  exceptional way for a small  company to  get cash.


Factoring invoices is  useful for  numerous reasons. It  permits a  business to raise  cash without  getting new debt. While  financial obligation is sometimes  required,  the majority of businesses would prefer to raise  money without borrowing money.  Financial obligation is  high-risk, and when it can't be  repaid,  properties can be repossessed. If the debt is  big enough, it  could even  require a company out of business.


Invoice Factoring doesn't pose these  exact same  troubles. The  cash paid to the  company  offering their invoices is  protected by those invoices. The work  commonly times| many times| oftentimes} has  currently been done and {the business is  just waiting to receive payment.


Receivable Financing invoices is also a  really  excellent  choice  since it is a way for a  medium-size  company|  to get money  actually  quickly. More  commonly than not ,  when a company is in a  money crunch, they don't have much time to figure things out. Their  workers have to be  paid, there are supplies to  get and  lease to be paid. These things often can't wait, at least not for a  long time.  For that reason, the time factor is critical. A  medium-sized business| small  will need secure funds as soon possible. Factoring  permits them to do that. The  business's  very first experience with a factor  might  mean they wait 4-7 days  to be paid.  Nonetheless,  after that it is  most likely they will  get money in as little as  1 Day.


After all of the details have been  organized, the factoring process is  quite  basic. A company will  offer their invoices to a  factoring company  around 95 % of their value.  For instance, a $100,000 invoice  might get $90,000. This money can be  made use of for whatever the company wants to  utilize them for. After they  have actually received cash for the invoices, the factor will  get paid on the invoices. The  initial terms of the invoices  are in effect. After they  have actually collected on them, the money| is  goes back to the  business they  bought them from, minus the factor's fee. It's as simple as that.


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We are currently providing invoice factoring services nationwide including the following states: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California,
Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho State, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia,Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.